About Me

Well I'm a 23 year old Journalist, only just graduated this past July.

One day I'll write a book.

I'm girly, geeky, extremely organized but at the same time extremely disorganized, reserved yet at times impulsive, obsessed with cleanliness but also messy & clumsy.

I love when people are driven, ambitious yet kind and empathetic & I'm insatiably curious. I love words. It's not hard to thrill or enthrall me and I make excellent cookies.

One day I'll see the whole world.

I love love to read and write, watch romantic comedies, films noir and paranormal-themed movies/series as well as period ones, bit of a geek (highlighting the fact just in case.. ;)) and a real nerd's nerd. You can often find me watching the Food Network and the Travel Channel as well as Home Decorating programs.. Just a few of my guilty pleasures..

That's that in a nutshell I guess.. I'm sure there's much more to me that I'm forgetting . . . huh guess I'm a bit of a scatterbrain, oh and easily distractable too.. :P

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