Review Policy

I use the phrase ‘review’ but I wouldn’t say that I’m a rigidly by the book, serious, analytical kind of reviewer but  that’s not to say they’re the conversational at the local café type either, I like to think that there’s a balance between the two and they’re of course written entirely in my own style of writing. Also I don’t like to call myself a book reviewer or book blogger, I’m simply a Journalist that loves books and loves writing who decided to take the leap into the blogosphere in order to share my thoughts on the books I read.

My reviews will include author info, publication details, a synopsis of the book (I usually use the summaries/synopses on the jacket flap or the author’s website, publisher’s website and if all these fail I look to Book Depository, Amazon or Goodreads) and of course the review which will be my own personal opinion/thoughts on the novel.

Furthermore the reason the book reviews I post here won’t be like an academic analysis of the book is because I find that putting myself through the process of doing that dull and tedious and it would just put me off reading anyway, therefore it’s going to be purely my personal opinion and experience with each book so unfortunately not everyone will agree with this.

I will always give my honest opinion in my reviews and I have it as my own personal rule that I review only books I’ve enjoyed/loved/liked so not every novel I read will be reviewed. Some people might not agree with this in which case this might not be the place for you... I believe that if I have nothing good to say about a book I should say nothing as what’s not my cup of tea is most certainly going to be someone else’s.

Disclaimer: All the books are purchased by me unless otherwise stated. Therefore there might be a pattern on the types of books you see reviewed here but I won’t stick to just YA or just Paranormal or Adult etc. I do not receive/accept any monetary compensation for any of the reviews I will post on my blog. When I decide I want to get paid for a review I’ll pitch it directly to a magazine/newspaper etc.

* Please note that unless it is otherwise stated (usually this includes book blurbs & quotes and author bio unless I choose to rewrite it in my own words in which case again it will be stated!) ALL material on this blog is my own and is produced by me, that is -every post is composed and written by myself, therefore it belongs to me, I own the Copyright and it falls under the Creative Commons License. And though I don't mind people linking to my reviews and posts - sharing them by tweeting/linking back to my original post etc I do object to people lifting whole pieces of my reviews and copying my words trying to pass them as their own, that's PLAGIARISM and it is a crime!! Not to mention it is simply bad form and poor manners! If however something is/must be ‘copied’ I request that it gets correctly referenced to me as the author and again a link back to my original post on my blog be provided. Thanks.

Genres you might see reviewed here are:
· Young Adult
· Middle Grade
· Paranormal (YA & Adult)
· Urban Fantasy (YA & Adult)
· Steampunk (YA & Adult)
· Cyberpunk (YA & Adult)
· Dystopian (YA mainly & Adult)
· Contemporary Fiction (YA & Adult mainly)
· Historical Fiction (YA & Adult mainly)
· Romance (YA & Adult mainly)
· Mysteries (YA & Adult)
· Classics
· Adult (Erotica, BDSM-themed on occasion)
· LGBT (YA & Adult mainly)

* Please note that I might review Erotica and BDSM-themed books on occasion as well as LGBT books, any reviews as such will be clearly marked as adult and I will do my best to put a warning, obviously covers are most usually a clear indicator of the type/theme of the book etc. Having said this I will not accept any attacks on my person, spam-ing and generally untoward and questionable behaviour towards my taste in books, my character or my ethics. If you do not personally like to read these kinds of books that’s fair enough but please do not try to impose your opinion on me or judge me! My tastes in books run the gamut and I am open to trying any genre at least once before I say I don’t like it, back to the tried and tested route of the types I like. This is my personal choice and likes and as I do not impose it on anyone else and try not to come off as judge-y on anyone else’s preferences and choices etc I expect to receive the same treatment. Thanks.

Genres you will not see reviewed here:
· Non-Fiction (although on occasion might do one or two, but always on books I chose and am interested in like Journalism and Writing for example.)
· Poetry
· Biographies (unless it’s Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky etc, one of the Great Reporters and the likes I am simply not interested in reading it!)
· Chick Lit (I rarely read within this genre and if I do happen to read one I’m not likely to bother reviewing it at all, must be a book I really loved in order for me to do so.)
· Self-Help
· Religious-themed
· Most Realistic Fiction

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Thanks. J