Friday, 8 April 2011

Retail Therapy: Brain Medicine for a troubled Writer

Tomorrow is going to be a writing day.

I decided I am going to go to the huge nearby mall which is fairly new and is called -no surprises there as there is a general lack of imagination all round over here but I digress . . . it’s called, wait for it.. “My Mall”.
Despite the unimaginative name though it’s quite big, has a nice atmosphere, is usually packed on a Saturday and affords one complete anonymity in this tiny country where practically everyone knows everyone..
So it is the perfect environment for people-watching, therefore it is the perfect environment for me to go and do my writing and conduct my little exercise of watching others, their behaviour and the way they’re dressed so I can write it down and perhaps manage to finally get rid of my writer’s block or my temporary mental silence if you like. I predict it is going to be rather fun.
Also tomorrow the review for Soulless..

PS: Props to James Parry, a good friend of mine, for giving me the idea for the post title! J

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